Our Colour Line Provides an Unmatched level of colour intensity, vibrancy and hair condition. 


Much like a diamond, there are different qualities of pigments and unless we are told the quality directly, we can never be sure of their purity. Our pigments are pharmaceutical-grade and measure 99.98% in purity, which is the smallest and purest pigment molecule in the world (micro- molecular).


Ammonia is used in colour to bring the cuticle to an alkaline level so it can open and the colour pigment can be deposited. Our colour has a pH level of 8.59 which is the minimum pH level needed to push the colour pigment in.


Black pearl powder, aloe vera, argan, acai berry, beeswax. Formulated with pure botanicals that survive in a moderately alkaline pH and work to leave the hair healthy and shiny.

Production Process

We use a pharmaceutical manufacturing protocol with a completely automatic production process. All production, transport, and stock phases are carried out in a sterile environment, under vacuum and at a controlled temperature. This ensures our colour does not undergo oxidation and its molecules reach a level of purity equal to 99.98%.