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What Hairstyle You Should Try Based On Your Horoscope

aries hairstyle
Aries are bold, dynamic and daring, unafraid to take a challenge head-on, a bold statement hair color or cut is the perfect way to showcase your personality.

Care for your coloured hair with J Beverly Hills Fragile Shampoo and Conditioner to keep colour looking fresh and keep you feeling fierce. 

taurus hairstyle
Practical, patient, determined and romantic, Taurus is well suited to a stylish top knot. 

With your hair in a cute and confident up-do, you're ready to delve into new tasks with determination. Tame flyaways with J Beverly Hills Clear Wax.
gemini hairstyle

Light-hearted, whimsical and changeable in the most creative ways, Gemins love duality in order to achieve the perfect balance.

Dutch braids are the perfect hairstyle to embody your creative side and maintain a sense of balance. Add body and definition to braids with Finissage Texture Clay.

cancer hairstyle
Compassionate, romantic, and sensitive, Cancers can pull off a classic Hollywood glamour look like no other!

Style your romantic waves with the help of Crazy Curl for defined curls that last all day.
leo hairstyle
Leos are creative, adventurous and bold. You love to be the center of attention and let your light shine. Like the Lion that represents this sign, you feel your best with a big bold mane - voluminous curls are the perfect show-stopping style.

Add volume to your tresses with Addbody Shampoo and Conditioner
virgo hairstyle
A power ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for the loyal, hard-working, practical perfectionists who fall into this category. ⁠

Rock your power ponytail with Glaze Me styling gel to hold every hair in its place for a sleek, in-control look. 💪 ⁠
libra hairstyle
Libras look to maintain balance in their life. They enjoy aesthetically pleasing surroundings and have a taste for the finer things in life. 
Straightened locks with a middle part exude a sense of balance and class. Nail the look and protect your hair from heat damage with the help of Crazy Straight styling lotion and our Nano Ceramic Flat Iron.
scorpio hairstyle
Passionate, powerful and mysterious, Scorpios tend to be confident and clear on who they are and what they like, even though they hold their cards close to their chest.
An A-line bob exudes your edgy, sensual energy.  A bit of Dry Shine adds a healthy sheen to your look!
sagittarius hairstyle
Take a page out of fellow Sagittarius and style icon, Billie Eilish's book - spontaneous Sagittarius is optimistic, creative and possesses the boldness to try anything like a fun hair colour and can pull off space buns with ease.
 Souvage is the perfect styling texture paste to prep your hair for a fun look like Space Buns. 
capricorn hairstyle
Kindhearted, hard-working and caring, a head-strong Capricorn can pull off curtain bangs better than the rest. 
Just look at fellow Capricorns, Zooey Deschanel and Michelle Obama. Don't let your bangs fall flat. Dry Shampoo is a girl's best friend when it comes to styling your bangs in a jiffy.
aquarius hairstyle
Aquarius are eccentric, inventive, friendly, and a humanitarian at heart.
Ready to rally for human rights and quick to stand up for others, a half-up hairstyle is ideal for embracing your free-spirit while also taking on daily tasks to make the world a better place.
Lock in your look with Hold Me Lite, touchable styling spray!
pisces hairstyle
Imaginative, sensitive, and otherworldly, Pisces love peace and harmony. Your  a dreamer and your style can best be displayed with soft beachy waves and boho accent braids.
J Beverly Hills Beach Spray adds texture to your tresses for an easy-going look you'll love!

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