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Oily Hair Be Gone

Do you struggle with oily hair that you just can't seem to get rid of despite your best efforts! Don't fret, we've got the details on what it is, why you may have it AND how to handle oily hair to achieve a healthier scalp and strands.

What causes oily hair?

Oily or greasy hair most commonly occurs as a result of excess sebum. Sebum is a naturally occurring oil that our body produces to help keep our hair and skin hydrated. In the case of oily hair, these gland may be working overtime and producing an excess of oils which can happen due to things like hormonal imbalances or your diet.

Additionally your hair habits like how frequently you wash your hair and the products you use also can contribute to greasy strands.

Okay, so how do I fix it?! 

Wash Less - It may sound counterintuitive but washing your hair less often will signal to your scalp that less sebum is needed to maintain a moisturized scalp

We recommend using J Beverly Hills Clarifier Shampoo + Masque Scalp Treatment. This combination helps rid the scalp of buildup and impurities and deeply moisturizes the scalp.

You may notice the oily buildup for a bit longer while your scalp adjusts and oil levels even out but stick with it to see results!

Use Dry Shampoo Sparingly - When you're struggling with oily strands, Dry Shampoo is your best friend, but you can have too much of a good thing! The Dry Shampoo product buildup at your roots can actually cause your scalp to become greasier and it tends to dry out the scalp, telling your body to produce more oils as a result. 

Condition Correctly - Apply your conditioner correctly. Sounds simple, right? But you might be surprised to find you're doing it wrong! Start by squeezing the excess water out of your hair after rinsing out the shampoo and then apply to the mid-hair shaft through the ends and avoid applying conditioner directly to the scalp. 

Check out proper hair washing technique in the video below:



Brush It Out - Lastly, use a bristle brush that helps evenly distribute natural hair oils, but avoid over-brushing which can break fragile strands.

With these adjustments to your hair regimen and a little patience, you'll see huge hair health improvements!

Looking to address a different hair concern? Take our hair quiz to get your completely customized hair regimen and achieve your personal hair goals.

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