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How To Use Dry Shampoo

Maybe you're a Dry Shampoo pro or perhaps you're new to the product and doing your research to learn more about it and if it's the right product for you. Either way, we have some tips to help you maximize your Dry Shampoo experience to achieve optimal results every time!

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is an aerosol spray product that is used to refresh hair in between washes. It improves the appearance of limp, oily or dirty hair and adds fullness.

How does Dry Shampoo work?

Most dry shampoos contain alcohol or starch-based ingredients to soak up the oils and make your hair appear cleaner in between washes or after a workout.

Who is Dry Shampoo ideal for?

Dry shampoo is ideal for everyone! It works on all hair types but it's particularly helpful if you struggle with oily hair, sweaty scalp or if you like to go multiple days between washing your hair (which is actually good for your hair and scalp health!)

How do I apply Dry Shampoo?

Start by parting your hair into small sections. Shake your Dry Shampoo before applying. Hold the Shampoo about 8-12 inches from your scalp and spray onto the root where you've parted it. Massage it in to evenly distribute the product and move onto the next section until you've sprayed it throughout your hair.

What should I look for in my Dry Shampoo product?

You want a dry shampoo that helps you achieve your style goals! If you only wash your hair a couple times a week, J Beverly Hills BLUE Dry Shampoo is ideal because it helps extend the life of your style between washes. J Beverly Hills Clean from our Platinum line is ideal for a little refresher between day-to-day events like post-workout, or in-between work and happy hour. 

Does it actually "shampoo" my hair?
Don't be fooled by the name! While it does help to refresh your hair between washes, Dry Shampoo doesn't replace the benefits of your regular shampoo and when used too frequently, it tends to build up on the hair and weigh it down, while a normal shampoo rinses away the buildup for fresh strands from root to tip. 
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