Holiday Hair Tutorial Half-Up Hairstyle

Holiday Hair Tutorial Half-Up Hairstyle

Achieve a festive half-up holiday hair-do!⁠ ⁠We walk you through the steps to nail this look for family and friend get-togethers.

 Step 1)⁠ Start by sectioning out your face-framing layers and clipping them out of the way⁠

Step 2) ⁠Comb the top layer of hair back into a half-pony⁠

Step 3)⁠ Use a large barrel curling iron to curl 2.5-inch sections of hair all around your head including the ponytail and face-framing sections⁠

Step 4) ⁠Add a festive clip or hair accessory as a finishing touch⁠

Step 5) Lock your look in place with Shape finishing spray for shine, volume and control

Step 6) Add some shimmer and shine with Shine Reflecting Spray!