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5 Common Summer Hair Problems & Their Solutions

With longer days and higher temps comes a new set of seasonal woes for your hair health.

With the proper hair, you can beat the heat this summer to protect and repair your hair from summer damage.

Find five of the most common summer hair problems and their solutions below.

Fight Frizz 

When summer rolls around, the increase in humidity is inevitable and the results = increased frizz

The solution - Everyday Shampoo + Conditioner plus Everyday Detangling Spray and Crazy Straight or Crazy Curl (depending on your hair goals)

Oily Scalp 

Summer activities include beach days, pool parties, intense sun and physical activities that result in build-up of elements and chemicals on your hair which can lead to an oily scalp.

The solution - Clarifier Shampoo + Masque Hair & Scalp Treatment + Dry Shampoo

Dry Brittle Ends + Breakage 

Harsh summer elements like heat exposure, UV rays, chlorine, salt, pollution in addition to hair colouring and bleaching or overstyling can all result in dry brittle hair strands, split ends and damaged strands.

The solution - Everyday Shampoo + Conditioner + MasqueDry Shine

Brassy Yellow Tones

If you regularly get your hair coloured or bleached, you may notice your mellow yellow tones look orange or brassy from excess exposure to the sun and heat. Beat the heat and bust that brass with J Beverly Hills purple shampoo and conditioner combined with blonde gloss.

The solution - The Blonde Bundle (Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner + Blonde Gloss)

Dry, Tight or Itchy Scalp

Once again, spending time in the pool or under the sun plus washing the hair more frequently to clean it of sweat, dirt, sand and chemicals takes a toll on your scalp health leading to a dry, tight or itchy scalp which can lead to flaking and discomfort. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!

The solution - The Healthy Scalp Bundle (Solutions Shampoo + Masque Hair and Scalp Treatment)

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